Sunday 25th March (Lent 5B)

Jeremiah had a vision:
an image
of divine open-heart surgery
on the inmost recesses
where we hide
what we don’t want to recognise
or remember;
an image
of a holy hand
turning hearts inside-out,
writing the law of love,
obliterating what we want to hide
and remembering our wrong doings no more;
an image of God in our heartbeat
and breath.

Jesus calls us,
each of us
to give up our old lives
which cling to the past,
to attitudes and objects
which enthrall us.

Jesus calls us,
each of us
to bury all that,
allow it to die
and bear fruit,
much fruit.

Jesus calls us,
each of us
to follow him,
to join his reconciling journey
to Calvary;
not just a Lenten journey
but a whole life
(heartbeat and breath)
and whole of life journey
following the Reconciling One
in the divine hope
that we no longer teach one another,
or say to each other,
“Know the LORD,”
because we shall all know God
and be reconciled in God.
        © Jeff Shrowder, 2012.  More for Lent 5B…