Sunday 9th September (23B)

MARK 7:24-30
it was simply a ‘bad hair’ day
for Jesus.
he just felt antisocial.
the woman was more persistent
than most.
Jesus as good as said,
“We decide… Go back to where you came from.”
After all,
she was different:
she was one of them.
“Let the children be fed first…”
A queue-jumper.
that’s it.
There are others more deserving
of grace,
asylum from the demonic.
But ‘no’ was not an option
for her:
even the dogs get better treatment!
Her persistence (her faith?)
persuades Jesus.
She and her daughter
are granted that asylum.
They experience grace.

it took a persistent woman
and a ‘bad hair’ day
for Jesus to appreciate
just how wide
how open
is God’s embracing love.
What might it take
for us
to get to that point too?
Perhaps …
        © Jeff Shrowder, 2012.
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