Sunday 3rd March – Lent 3C

LUKE 13:1-9
“Why?” is an old, old question.
There must be a reason things happen.
Good things happen to good people,
and bad things happen to bad people.
But bad things happen to good people too.

Asking, “why”
is the wrong question.
There is no link
between good fortune and good behaviour.
God is not in the reward/punishment business.

God is the patient gardener
who longs to heal and nurture;
who loves us as we are
in our fragility;
and who,
in Jesus,
weeps with us and laughs with us
and gives us hope;
that, sustained by the Spirit of grace,
we might bear fruit.
(Adapted from a sermon from some years ago, which may have drawn on material from other, long-forgotten, sources.)
        © Jeff Shrowder, 2013.
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