Sunday 19th May – Day of Pentecost C

JOHN 14:8-17
Spirit of mystery and grace
present from the beginning
confirmed on Easter Day
or pehaps Pentecost
confirmed for each
in our baptism
and present
as peace in the midst of our problems,
as strength when our own resolve is exhausted,
as hope when our world is one of despair.

Spirit of mystery and grace,
energising a great cloud of witnesses
which continues to speak
of God’s presence and action
in the world.

Spirit of mystery and grace,
still transforming frightened disciples
into bold prophets and preachers
and at work in us.

Spirit of mystery and grace,
coming among us like a fresh breeze,
a breath that barely stirs the air.
But who can stand against it?
        © Jeff Shrowder, 2013.
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