Sunday 15th December – Advent 3A

MATTHEW 11:2-11
It is honest to doubt
and when we do
we do it in good company.
John the baptiser and presager questioned,
Are you the one …?
reconciliation displacing retribution;
grace where we expected might.

From darkness to light
silence to sound
exclusion to embrace
lameness to leaping
death to life
good news:
wellness and wholeness
are known and felt.
The kingdom of heaven
has come near.
        © Jeff Shrowder, 2013.

John the baptiser
called for repentance
preparing the way
for one to come.
Locked up in prison
at Herod’s pleasure
he heard the stories
of Jesus’ work.

Doubting, he questioned
Jesus the healer,
teacher and preacher:
“Are you the one?”
Blind are now seeing,
lame are now walking,
deaf are now hearing,
poor have good news.

Lepers find healing,
dead receive new life,
wellness and wholeness
are known and felt:
kingdom of heaven,
seen in its glory
felt in its nearness,
blessings abound.
        © Jeff Shrowder, 2013.
(And yes, it could probably even be sung to the tune “BUNESSAN”)

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