Holy Week and Easter – Year A

one story tells,
he swept through the temple
upsetting accepted practice
gone wrong.
one story tells,
he cursed a leafy tree
because, out of season, it bore
no fruit.
one story tells,
he praised a bold woman
who, weeping in grief, anointed
his feet.
one story tells,
with friends he shared a meal
and later yet with friends he was
the stories tell,
tried, denied, mob clamour:
executed the Roman way
and dead.
one story tells,
he lay dead and buried:
friends out of sight, but women wait
for dawn.
the stories tell,
the women discover,
revealed in the dawn, a new day
of hope.
(This reflection should conclude with the day of the Holy Week service in which it is used.)
         © Jeff Shrowder, 2013.
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