Sunday 1st June – Sunday After Ascension – A

(Acts 1.6-14, John 17.1-11)
Getting it sorted;
a place for everything
is our way of life.

We sort stuff –
shape, colour, size;
me and you;
us and them;
believing and unbelieving;
heaven and earth;
God up there, us down here.

But the Teacher sorted things differently:
here and now
the kingdom of heaven is at hand
among you
very close
even within you.
Leaving his disciples
but ever present.
Him in us and we in him
and if he and the Source of all
are one
bound in love
then we and he and the Source
are one.
         © Jeff Shrowder, 2014.

(Ingredient warning: This work may contain traces of the work of others,
from long-forgotten sources: I don’t sort stuff very well.)

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