Sunday 15th June – Trinity Sunday A

Father, Son, Spirit:
three personae, not persons –
ever confusing.

The Teacher, perhaps,
would have been horrified
but not surprised
at the ‘theological mashup’
we call The Doctrine Of The Trinity.
Martin Luther, to paraphrase,
held that trying to understand the Trinity
endangers one’s sanity.

No doubt it was never meant to be
like that
but, oh, how often has an idea
and gained a common foothold
only to be domesticated, elevated, made official,
expressed in such terms
as common folk can’t grasp
and suchly imposed?
Even on pain of death.

And yet,
despite these efforts and more,
the church in its diversity
does not sing from the same page –
if it ever did.

Can we truly follow the way of the Teacher
and those who impose?
         © Jeff Shrowder, 2014.

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