Sunday 03 August – Sunday 18A

After a week of struggle …

GENESIS 32:22-31/MATTHEW 14:13-21
Jacob deceiving,
deceived, fleeing then wrestling,
being blessed by God.

At the Teacher’s word
they sat, shared, ate a blessed meal
and were satisfied.

On the outside we are many,
on the inside we are alone.
Jacob-like, we wrestle with our demons.
We take the bread of life, the cup of promise
and encounter God.
In a moment of mystery our woundedness is touched.
In our receiving we are blessed:
I have seen God face to face
and my life is preserved.
We do not escape
we are saved: transformed.
Light breaks in on our dark night of the soul
that we might continue our journey
         © Jeff Shrowder, 2014.

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