24th April 2016 – Easter 5C

[UPDATE] After last Saturday’s ill-fated theme upgrade which changed/messed up the page layout, I installed a theme that worked ‘out of the box’ and presented a reasonably familiar appearance, while I attempted recovery of the ‘real’ theme for The Billabong. It soon became obvious that there was no easy way back to what had been. Working towards a more permanent solution a (large) number of themes were tried and, mostly, rejected until I arrived at a a handful of possibles. This was finally whittled down to what you see: the new ‘normal’ – perhaps with a tweak or two to come 🙂
A NEW COMMANDMENT (John 13:31-35)
Loving can be hard:
I might just have to admit
hardness within me.
        © Jeff Shrowder, 2016.
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