5th June 2016 – Sunday 10C

(Luke 7:11-17)
We read this story of the widow’s plight,
now destitute, without support and care:
her one son dead and carried from the town
with mourners crowded round and wonder at
the lifely* pity shown when Jesus speaks
a word of care, and stretching out his hand
then brings the whole procession to a stop.
Another word, the dead man lives and speaks.
A startled crowd: son, mother, life restored.

Fixated on the question asking, ‘how?’
we, for our trouble, let the ‘facts’ become
a stumbling block in our enlightened minds
and overlook the better question, ‘why?’
        © Jeff Shrowder, 2016.
* No, it’s not a typo, I do mean ‘lifely’.
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