April 9th 2017 – Palm Sunday A

(Matthew 21:1-11)
The people laid out
no red carpet but branches
and their valued cloaks.

Riding a donkey
Jesus entered the city,
causing great turmoil.

Feting the prophet,
they loudly cried, “Hosanna!”,
meaning, ‘Save us, please’.

He was popular,
by neither choice nor desire,
but misunderstood.

“Who is this?” some asked,
and still ask curiously,
to which we reply ….
        Jeff Shrowder, 2017
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April 9th Passion Sunday A /Good Friday A
(Matthew 27:11-54)
Jesus said nothing
in response to the charges;
three words to Pilate.

Sent to a flogging,
humiliation and then
to crucifixion.

The light of the world
snuffed out: a blanket of dark
covered creation.

This bleak narrative:
our darkness when life is quenched,
light consumed by death.
        Jeff Shrowder, 2017
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