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7th January 2018 – Baptism of Jesus (COCU 09B)

Based on a guided meditation I wrote many years ago and used occasionally in small congregations.
(Mark 1:4-11)
An invitation:
come, in your mind’s eye, and stand
or sit, near water…

Sea, river, creek, lake,
morning, afternoon – stillness,
or wind in your face…

wind sweeping over
primordial unformed deep
and churning chaos…

This is the water
that formed a covenant bow
and flowed from a rock…

This is the water
that sustained in their exile,
Hagar and her son…

This is the water
divided once by Moses
and people walked free…

This is the water
where Naaman dipped seven times
and he was made clean…

This is the water,
that you might walk close beside,
still, cool, restoring…

This is the water
in which John baptised Jesus
and many others…

This is the water,
chaotic, living water,
of your baptism…

This is the water,
challenging how we will live
its implications…
        Jeff Shrowder, 2018
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