05 July 2020 – Sunday 14A (COCU 46A)

(Matthew 11:16-19, 25-30)
John’s warning was stern,
Jesus’ word was joyful, hope-filled;
both were rejected.

The elite said, ‘No’,
but the poor and sick embraced
Jesus’ word and way:

Prescription’s burden
eased by his yoke of mercy,
justice, faithfulness.

Jesus offers rest
that is relief, fulfilment
to all who follow.
        Jeff Shrowder, 2020

With some help from:
Brendan Byrne, Lifting the Burden – Reading Matthew’s Gospel in the Church Today, (Strathfield: St Pauls Publications, 2004), pp. 91ff
Douglas R. A. Hare, Matthew, (Knoxville: John knox Press, 1993), pp. 123ff, 126ff
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