26 July 2020 – Sunday 17A (COCU 49A)

(Matthew 13:31-33, 44-52)
Mustard seed, yeast, net,
hidden treasure, a merchant:
hints of something more

Everyday signs
often taken for granted:
life in its fullness.

Wonder, deep joy, hope,
mystery, love, inclusion,
discipline, hard work,

surprise, faith and more
are to be had on the way
following Jesus.
        Jeff Shrowder, 2020

(Romans 8:26-39)
Notions of heaven
deny our mortality.
When we die, we die.

We are made from stars,
everything is star-stuff
and stars are our home.

In dark energy,
a universal presence:
the presence of God?

Dark matter abounds,
holding it all together:
Godly metaphor?

At home in the stars
am I also denying
my mortality?

Yet in all of this
nothing can separate us
from the love of God.
Jeff Shrowder, 2020
        Jeff Shrowder, 2020
*Romans 8:12-25

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