27C – Wednesday in Holy Week

26C - Tuesday in Holy Week28C - Maundy Thursday
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PSALM 70 (A version for today)
O God, rescue me!
Come quickly and help me!
Some seek my life;
others want to ruin me.
O that they would find themselves shamed
and be confused, dishonoured and shunned.

There are those who seek you.
Let them rejoice and be glad: “God is great!”
But I am at the lowest ebb,
dispirited and needing your help.
O God, hurry to me;
O LORD, do not delay!

For use in worship, with acknowledgement. © Jeff Shrowder 2013.

Click here for some ideas for worship in Lent and Easter gleaned from the pages of “On the Move” (now out of print) which was published by the Joint Board of Christian Education, Melbourne, Australia.

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Isaiah 50:4-9a
Sing praise and thanksgiving, TIS 107
Thank you for giving me the morning TIS 162
O breath of God, breathe on us now TIS 408
Master, speak, thy servant heareth TIS 597
God has spoken to his people, hallelujah TIS 636
Hebrews 12:1-3
At the dawning of salvation TIS 392
Author of faith, eternal word TIS 565
Christ is the heavenly food that gives TIS 522
Christ is the world’s redeemer TIS 192
Fight the good fight with all thy might TIS 594
For all the saints who from their labour TIS 455
Give me the wings of faith to rise TIS 438
God! As with silent hearts we bring to m TIS 680
I bind unto myself today/Christ be with TIS 478
I want to walk as a child of the light TIS 643
Jesus lives! your terrors now TIS 372
Lord of the living, in your name assembl TIS 637
May the mind of Christ my Saviour TIS 609
Now we come, our heavenly Father TIS 462
O Lord of every shining constellation TIS 157
O love of God, how strong and true TIS 139
Rejoice in God’s saints, today and all d TIS 470
With joy we meditate the grace TIS 206
John 13:21-32
Fold to your heart your sister and your brother TIS 587
Make me a captive, Lord TIS 604
Lord Jesus, we belong to you TIS 686

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