Dedication Of Memorial Pavers

Source of life and all that is,
seen and unseen,
we give thanks.
Your love is everlasting.

For the vision of those who have gone before us,
for their faithfulness, their perseverance,
their dreaming, the fruits of their labours
which are ours today
we give thanks.

Source of life
and ground of our being,
out of the waters of chaos
you brought forth life.
We celebrate the life, hope and courage
of faithful family members
who have gone before us.

   (Water is poured/sprinkled onto the memorial pavers)

Through the waters of the Reed Sea
you accompanied a people to freedom;
across the oceans of the world
you accompanied our forebears to a new land.
We give thanks for the heritage which is ours today.

   (Water is poured/sprinkled onto the memorial pavers)

Remembering past times,
and our relationships with family members,
and with those who led them in the faith,
now gone from us,
we dedicate these pavers to their memory.
   (Water is poured/sprinkled onto the memorial pavers)

We celebrate our past and rejoice in our present.
Source of life, love and hope,
grant us the will and desire
to dream your dream,
as your Spirit gave that will and desire to our forebears;
in Jesus’ name. Amen.