Dedication of Plaque and Avenue of Honour

(A sapling is planted and watered, replacing one which had died)
Surrounded by the ever-present mystery we name God,
we gather to honour the life and hope and courage
of those who, in military conflict, have made so great a sacrifice,
and to do so without glorifying the evil of war.

Here we remember shared experiences,
relationships with family and community members,
now gone from us
and we dedicate this plaque to their memory.

We honour the life they continue to give to us
as we retell their stories to our children,
and to our children’s children.

The trees of this avenue are a sign of remembrance.
In the planting today
we dedicate this avenue also a sign of hope.

Source of life, love and comfort,
by the light of your Word and the warmth of your Spirit,
graciously tend
those for whom this day is so deeply significant.

And may the same Word and Spirit
encourage us in peacemaking
accompany us on the journey of justice;
guide us on the pathways of peace. Amen.
(Adapted from work by the Rev. Bruce Prewer)