Pioneer/Centenary Thanksgiving

LITANY OF THANKSGIVING (From a Pioneer/Centenary celebration service.)
We gather with thanksgiving,
surrounded by the ever-present mystery
we acknowledge as the Source of life, love and comfort.
With joyful hearts we give thanks.

For the vision of our pioneers,
for their faithfulness;
for their perseverance;
for the fruits of their labours which are ours today
we give thanks.

For the community which gathered
in the name of the divine – Source, Word and Breath –
and which gained its refreshment
in worship Sunday by Sunday,
and proclaimed day by day.
we give thanks.

For the faith of our forebears, we give thanks;
in teaching their children
and their children’s children
their holy Defender, Way and Presence is ours.

For the freedom we have
to worship you who are Life, Light and Love
we give thanks with joyful hearts, O God.

For your faithfulness in every generation,
you who are Fountain, Well and Stillness,
we give thanks and praise, O God. Amen