A Christmas Litany

This article is from Issue 2 of “On The Move,” a publication of new learning possibilities for churches, at one time published by The Joint Board of Christian Education of Australia and New Zealand.
Although some ideas and liturgies may appear somewhat “dated” in style, concept, imagery or language, they may nevertheless offer a spring-board for new ideas among people who find themselves leading worship, perhaps in a new context, and with some trepidation.
Reproduced by permission. May be reprinted for use in local congregations only.

A Christmas Litany by Alec Yule
Leader: As Christmas comes round year by year, Lord, we’re tempted to say, We’ve heard all this before. We know the story off by heart.
People: Forgive us, Lord, and remind us of the difference between knowing it and letting it speak to us again and again.
Leader: Lord, help us to see ourselves and our own attitudes lived out by people in the Christmas story.
People: The inn-keeper couldn’t find room for you in his inn. Lord, stop us from cluttering up our lives with things that don’t really matter, things that crowd you out.
Leader: Lord, you came into an occupied country where brutal soldiers kicked people around.
People: Lord, we thank you that you have influenced our country so much that the army doesn’t do that to us.
Leader: Lord, lots of people missed the glory when it came to Bethlehem, but unskilled labourers the shepherds saw it because they were at their jobs.
People: Lord, we pray that we may get a glory in our daily work when we do it as a service to you and to our fellows.
Leader: Lord, the wise men from the east journeyed hundreds of miles and went to endless trouble to track you down.
People: Lord, you taught us that those who really seek will find. In all times of difficulty and doubt, never let us rest content till we have worked our way through to the Christian answer.
Leader: Lord, they brought you gifts of gold and frankincense.
People: Lord, keep our eyes fixed on the great goal of life, to bring you the gold of our obedience and the incense of our worship and adoration. Amen.

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