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CALL TO WORSHIP  (Psalm 148:1-6)
Praise the LORD from the heavens, and in the high places;
all you great cloud of witnesses, praise the LORD.
Sun and moon, and star strewn cosmos; 
edges of the universe, and echoes of creation, 
praise the LORD! 
Praise the name of the LORD,
who commanded and they were created;
who set them in place for ever and ever;
who gave them order which will never fade away. 

PRAYER OF ADORATION  (Psalm 148:7-14)
Praise the LORD, from the earth,
all sea-creatures and ocean depths;
fire and hail, snow and smoke;

stormy wind, working the word of the LORD;
mountains, and hills;
fruit trees and cedars, all of you;
wild animals, cattle, reptiles and birds on the wing;
kings of the earth, and all peoples,
leaders, and all judges of the earth;
young men — and young women too;
old, and young . . . .
Let them praise the name of the LORD
— because it is raised up above everything —
whose majesty is over the earth and heavens;
who has raised up a horn,
to the glory of all receiving the steadfast love of the LORD;
the people of Israel, a people close to the LORD.
Praise the LORD!

Holy One,
whose gracious deeds have sustained us,
by your transforming spirit
enable us to wisely and compassionately use
these offerings
and our very lives
to grow your realm of jusice, peace and hope;
in Jesus’ name. Amen.

For use in worship, with acknowledgement. © Jeff Shrowder 1999, 2013.

Click here for some ideas for worship in Advent and Christmas gleaned from the pages of “On the Move” (now out of print), originally published by the Joint Board of Christian Education, Melbourne, Australia.

(A prayer, usually with connection to one or more of the lections for the day, to gather the spoken and silent concerns/joys/thanks expressed by the congregation and lead into a more structured Intercession. Sometimes this prayer also borrows lightly from other sources e.g. Uniting in Worship 2 or publications of the Iona Community.)

Holy One,
whose gracious deeds have sustained us,
by your compassionate spirit
comfort and strengthen those whom we name
in word and in silence…
Encourage us also
that in our following the way of Jesus
we may be a sign
of your gracious deeds
your praiseworthy acts
and your steadfast love…
         (The Prayers of the People continue)

Looking for contemporary music and song resources?
Try David MacGregor’s Together to Celebrate
Or metrical psalms? Try Dale A. Schoening’s Sing the Psalms

Joy to the world! The Lord is come TIS 268
Let earth and heaven combine TIS 305
May the mind of Christ my Saviour TIS 609
Morning has broken TIS 156
O what a gift, what a wonderful gift TIS 278
Thank you for giving me the morning TIS 162
Isaiah 63:7-9
God is love, let heaven adore him TIS 153
Psalm 148
All creatures of our God and King TIS 100
All things praise you, Lord most high TIS 148
Come, O God of all the earth TIS 181
From all who dwell below the skies TIS 72
Glory to God on high TIS 221
Joyful, joyful, we adore you TIS 152
O worship the king, all-glorious above TIS 133
Praise to the Holiest in the height TIS 141
Sing praise to the Lord! praise him in the heights TIS 96
When God almighty came to be one of us TIS 281
When morning gilds the skies TIS 227
You servants of God, your master proclaim TIS 215
Hebrews 2:10-18
Christ is the world’s light TIS 246
Dear Christians, one and all, rejoice TIS 196
Firmly I believe and truly God is three TIS 140
Good Christians all, rejoice TIS 313
He became poor that we may be rich TIS 721
I set the Lord before my eyes TIS 673
In great thanksgiving TIS 632
Jesus has come, and brings joy as our Saviour TIS 208
Man more than man TIS 355
My song is love unknown TIS 341
Now is eternal life TIS 385
O love how deep, how broad, how high! TIS 194
Praise to the Holiest in the height TIS 141
Saviour of the nations, come TIS 295
We praise you, Lord, for Jesus Christ TIS 486
Matthew 2:13-23
Child in the manger TIS 319
Unto us a boy is born TIS 293

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