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PSALM 25:1-10
To you, O LORD, I lift up my inmost being.
In you, O LORD, have I trusted,
        let me not be ashamed;
        do not let my enemies rejoice over me.
Indeed, those who wait for you
will not be put to shame;
the unprincipled who act faithlessly
        will be put to shame.
Make your ways known to me, O LORD,
        teach me your ways (of behaviour)
Make me walk in your way, and teach me,
        for you are the God of my salvation.
I have waited for you all the day.
[on account of your goodness]
Remember your acts of mercy, O LORD,
        and your lovingkindness,
        for they are from of old.
Do not remember the sins of my youth and my rebellions,
remember me according to your lovingkindness.
The LORD is good and upright,
therefore he is showing sinners (in) the way.
He will make the humble walk in justice
and teach the humble his way.
All the paths of the LORD are lovingkindness and faithfulness
for those keeping his covenant and his decrees.

Covenant-keeping God,
whose promise is rock solid;
we offer our lives
and these signs of our daily living
not simply that bread might fill empty stomachs,
but that, through the working of your Holy Spirit,
empty lives may be filled,
friendless, lonely lives find intimacy,
depressed lives given hope.
In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

For use in worship, with acknowledgement. © Jeff Shrowder 2000.

Click here for some ideas for worship in Lent and Easter gleaned from the pages of “On the Move” (now out of print) which was published by the Joint Board of Christian Education, Melbourne, Australia.

(A prayer to gather the spoken and silent concerns/joys/thanks expressed by the congregation and lead into a more structured Intercession with connection to the lections for the day. Sometimes this prayer will borrow lightly from other sources e.g. Uniting in Worship 2 or publications of the Iona Community.)
Covenant-keeping God
whose mercy and lovingkindness
are from a time beyond our dreaming,
walk with those who lift up their voice
and give thanks today;
smooth the uneven ground for the weak and the lonely.
By your Word
sustain those for whom life is fading.
By your Spirit
gather up those who are weighed down with grief,
those whom we name on our lips
and in the silence of our hearts;
and those whose troubles are known only to you.
In Jesus’ name we pray …
   (The Prayers of the People continue)

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Try David MacGregor’s Together to Celebrate
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Christ is the world’s light TIS 246
Forty days and forty nights TIS 591
God is love, let heaven adore him TIS 153
Guide me, O my great Redeemer TIS 569
Just as a lost and thirsty deer TIS 26
Let all be one in mind and heart TIS 247
Lord, your word abiding TIS 427
Love will be our Lenten calling TIS 684
May this Lenten discipline TIS 463
O God of Bethel, by whose hand TIS 564
O changless Christ, for ever new TIS 254
O for a closer walk with God TIS 576
O love how deep, how broad, how high! TIS 194
Rejoice, the Lord is King TIS 216
With the Lord there is mercy TIS 81
Genesis 9:8-17
Father, we adore you TIS 716
God, who stretched the spangled heavens TIS 163
O love that wilt not let me go TIS 602
We are your people TIS 468
Psalm 25:1-10
God, who stretched the spangled heavens TIS 163
O Lord Jesus, Marrkapmirr TIS 253
O Lord, make me know your ways TIS 14
The great love of God is revealed TIS 164
1 Peter 3:18-22
By your kingly power,O risen Lord TIS 386
Father welcomes all his children TIS 491
God is gone up on high TIS 371
Hail, thou once despised Jesus TIS 373
Now in the name of him who sent TIS 488
O dearest Jesus, why aren’t you acquitted TIS 337
We know that Christ is raised TIS 489
Mark 1:9-15
Christ, when for us you were baptised TIS 250
Forty days and forty nights TIS 591
Lord, your almighty word TIS 447
Lord, your word abiding TIS 427
O let the Son of God enfold you TIS 655
O love, how deep how broad, how high TIS 194
What a friend we have in Jesus TIS 590
When he was baptised in the Jordan TIS 252

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