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PSALM 105:1-5
Give thanks to the LORD; call on the name of the LORD.
tell the world what God has done. 
Sing to the LORD, and sing praises;
and tell of God’s wonderful works
Glory in God’s holy name
let those who seek the LORD rejoice to the core of their being.
Seek the LORD, and the strength of the LORD;
seek God’s presence continually.
Remember the wonderful works,
the miracles and the judgements of the LORD
Holy is your name, O LORD.

Loving God,
we bring our gifts –
our lives and tokens of our everyday living.
By your Holy Spirit
strengthen our sometimes doubting faith
and enable us to be responsible stewards
of all that you have entrusted to us;
in Jesus’ name we pray. Amen

For use in worship, with acknowledgement. © Jeff Shrowder 2000, 2014.

A CREATIVE MOMENT – Genesis 37:1-4, 12-28 and Matthew 14:22-33
Joseph is sold and ends up in Egypt. Symbols in the worship space could include 20 pieces of silver and a rope. These could be placed on a swathe of colourful material.
For the gospel, a paper-fold boat could provide an appropriate focus, but I know of one congregation where a small lightweight metal dinghy was brought into the worship space which had been “carpeted” with blue cloth. The gospel reading was acted out by the terrified disciples in the boat, abd Jesus walking on the “water”.

(A prayer, usually with connection to one or more of the lections for the day, to gather the spoken and silent concerns/joys/thanks expressed by the congregation and lead into a more structured Intercession. Sometimes this prayer also borrows lightly from other sources e.g. Uniting in Worship 2 or publications of the Iona Community.)

Compassionate God,
whose strength and presence we seek continually,
draw near to those we have named
on our lips and in our silence
and those whose trouble is known only to you;
in Jesus’ name we pray …
         (The Prayers of the People continue)

Looking for contemporary music and song resources?
Try David MacGregor’s Together to Celebrate
Or metrical psalms? Try Dale A. Schoening’s Sing the Psalms

Christ is the world’s true light TIS 238
Dear Father, Lord of humankind TIS 598
God is my strong salvation TIS 15
Have faith in God my heart TIS 619
Jesus, lover of my soul TIS 211
Praise to the Lord, the Almighty, the King.. TIS 111
The God of Abraham praise TIS 125
When morning gilds the skies TIS 227
Genesis 37: 1-4, 12-28
By gracious powers so wonderfully sheltered TIS 617
Fold to your heart your sister and your brother TIS 587
God! When human bonds are broken TIS 683
Lord, hear my praying, listen to me TIS 689
Psalm 105: 1-6, 16-22,45b
Blessed are those whose way is blameless TIS 75
O give thanks to God [Sing to God, sing…] TIS 66
Praise to the Lord, the Almighty TIS 111
The God ofAbrahamn praise TIS 125
Romans 10: 5-15
Christ is the world’s true light TIS 238
Holy Spirit, go before us TIS 420
Immortal, invisible, God only wise TIS 143
I’m not ashamed to own my Lord TIS 562
Lord Christ, true peace of all above TIS 623
Lord Jesus, joy of loving hearts TIS 499
O for a heart to praise my God TIS 568
Praise the Spirit in creation TIS 415
When Christ was lifted from the earth TIS 248
Matthew 14: 22-33
Christ be my leader by night as by day TIS 624
Dear Father, Lord of humankind TIS 598
Eternal Father, strong to save TIS 138
Jesus calls us; o ‘er the tumult TIS 589
Make me a captive, Lord TIS 604
When morning gilds the skies TIS 227

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