12B – Epiphany 4B

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Praise the LORD.
I will give thanks to the LORD with all my heart;
in the group of the upright and in the congregation.
Great are the works of the LORD,
studied by all who take delight in them;
works full of majesty;
and God’s grandeur endures for ever.

Praise the LORD!
We give you thanks and praise, LORD God, with all our heart,
here, in this place, and in the whole church. 
Great are your works O LORD,
cause for study, meditation and wonder by all who delight in them. 
Honour and majesty mark your works;
and your covenant faithfulness endures forever. 
You have caused your wonderful deeds to be proclaimed;
you, O LORD, are gracious and compassionate. 
You provide food for those who hold you in holy awe;
you will remember your covenant for ever and ever.
You have declared to your people the power of your works;
that you would give them the heritage of the nations. 
The works of your hands are lasting kindness and justice:
all your commandments are dependable;
unshakeable for ever and ever,
to be performed with faithfulness and uprightness. 

You sent redemption to your people;
you have commanded your covenant be kept forever. 
Holy and awesome is your name.
The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom; 
all those who do them have good insight
Praise of you, LORD God, continues forever.  Amen

Gracious and eternal Lord God,
to whom we turn in every need;
receive the gifts we offer,
and let our lives give glory and praise;
in Jesus’ name. Amen.

For use in worship, with acknowledgement. © Jeff Shrowder 2000.

A CREATIVE MOMENT – Mark 1:21-28
This could be a service of healing; a time to seek release from the demons in our own lives, (and allow release for those demons we have held captive within us).
Offer times of silence, prayer, candle-lighting, and anointing.

(A prayer to gather the spoken and silent concerns/joys/thanks expressed by the congregation and lead into a more structured Intercession with connection to the lections for the day. Sometimes this prayer will borrow lightly from other sources e.g. Uniting in Worship 2 or publications of the Iona Community.)
Loving God,
healer and bringer of wholeness,
rejoice with those who rejoice and give thanks today
and strengthen the weak and the lonely.
Pour out your Spirit
on all who are weighed down with grief,
and those whose troubles are known only to you;
that all may know your peace …
(The Prayers of the People continue)

Looking for contemporary music and song resources?
Try David MacGregor’s Together to Celebrate
Or metrical psalms? Try Dale A. Schoening’s Sing the Psalms


A man there lived in Galilee TIS 235
All hail the power of Jesus’ name TIS 224
Almighty God, lift up ur eyes TIS 615
Brother, sister, let me serve you TIS 650
Father, we adore you TIS 716
God, who stretched the spangled heavens TIS 163
Jesus shall reign where’er the sun TIS 207
Jesus the name high over all TIS 218
Lord of earth and all creation TIS 672
Made in God’s likeness, moved by the Spirit TIS 671
O Jesus Christ, may grateful hymns be rising TIS 620
O Jesus I have promised TIS 595
O Lord Jesus, Marrkapmirr TIS 253
O for a thousand tongues to sing. TIS 210
Rejoice, the Lord is King TIS 216
Sing, all creation, sing to God in gladness TIS 61
Where wide sky rolls down and touches red sand TIS 188
Deuteronomy 18:15-20
From all who dwell below the skies TIS 72
God has spoken by his prophets TIS 158
God has spoken to his people, hallelujah TIS 636
God is love, let heaven adore him TIS 153
Guide me, O my great Redeemer TIS 569
Lord, you word abiding TIS 427
O Lord of every shining constellation TIS 157
Psalm 111
Come, gracious Spirit, heavenly dove TIS 402
Crown him with many crowns TIS 228
Jesus, lover of my soul TIS 211
Praise now the Lord! It’s good to raise TIS 91
Praise our God, the great Creator TIS 165
Praise the Lord, I will give thanks to the Lord TIS 68
1 Corinthians 8:1-13
All creatures of our God and king TIS 100
Be thou my vision TIS 547
Christ is the world’s light, he and none other TIS 246
Help us accept each other TIS 648
Lord Jesus, we belong to you TIS 686
O Spirit of the living God TIS 405
One God, one living God TIS 742
The law of Christ alone can make us free TIS 630
We all believe in God who made TIS 435
We have a gospel to proclaim TIS 245
Where there is charity and love TIS 434
Mark 1:21-28
Dear Lord, for all in pain TIS 612
Jesus! the name high over all TIS 218
Jesus’ hands were kind hands TIS 236
O Christ the healer, we have come TIS 638
O for a thousand tongues to sing TIS 210
The voice of God goes out to all the world TIS 282

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