Sunday 23rd June – Sunday 12C

GERASENE MAN (Luke 8:26-39)
In the country of the Gerasenes
a man possessed
tormented by many demons
dwelt in the dark:
in the tombs
among the dead.
The healer
sent the ‘legion’ packing,
earning the gratitude of the man;
the dismay of the swineherds
whose demon-possessed mob
rushed into the lake
and drowned.
In the healing action of Jesus
the fear which had gripped
the once-mad man
seems to transfer and spread
among the populace.
Settling the disturbed
the healer disturbs the settled.

The healed Gerasene
was sent by Jesus to tell
good news to his town.

Oh to be rid of the demons we deny.
But in our right mind
might we too be called to tell
‘how much Jesus has done for us’?
         © Jeff Shrowder, 2013.
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