16th October 2016 – Sunday 29C

I wasn’t satisfied when I posted earlier in the week (and somewhat distracted – see below) and I’ve gone back to it several times since. Here’s the latest iteration:

(Luke 18:1-8)
Day by day she came
pressing the arrogant judge
to grant her justice.

The Teacher’s story
commends such trust in God
as to persevere.

The last shall be first
and the first last, so beware
you do not lose heart

God’s justice honours
faith persevering humbly,
praying, “your kingdom come”.

We are encouraged;
God’s justice cannot be stopped,
unjust judge or not.
        Jeff Shrowder, 2016.
    More for Sunday 29C …
The consequences of a huge and widespread wind-storm last weekend included loss of electricity supply for several days together with the broadband connection (still down). Free wi-fi Internet access is available at the local public library 5km away.

We’ve got electricity again but not our landline/broadband so we’re presently making daily pilgrimages with our laptop to town where there is internet – and cappuccino.

I may yet invest in a handy little portable prepaid wi-fi device, do the internet ‘stuff’ from home and just go to town for the cappuccino!