Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

I guess that most will have looked ahead already in preparing worship for next weekend.

The psalms for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day were chosen by the arrangers of the Revised Common Lectionary to be read at Christmas no doubt because of their common theme of praise. They were written in a different era and different context and certainly not with stories of the Nativity in mind. But it seems to me that that they do resonate with the subversive nature of the Nativity stories, created and told in the context of Roman domination, a context in which Caesar was Lord, Saviour, Son of God.

(Christmas Eve)
Psalm 96:3 – 6
Proclaim the greatness of the LORD around the world;
recount God’s marvellous works to all the peoples.
The LORD is great and greatly to be praised;
to be held in holy awe above all other gods.
For all the gods we make are good for nothing;
it is the LORD who made the heavens.
Honour and majesty are before our God;
strength and beauty are in God’s holy place.   More…

(Christmas Day)
Let the earth shout with joy at the sovereignty of the LORD:
sun-drenched beaches, reefs and distant islands, rejoice!.
Clouds of deep mystery  surround the LORD,
whose throne stands firm on justice
and God’s actions which put things right.