Sunday 8th January (Epiphany or Baptism of Jesus)

Yes, next Sunday occurs after the set date for celebrating Epiphany, but if we only do it when 6th Jan. falls on a Sunday we’d have to wait until next year. (The next occasion after that is 2019. It last happened in 2008.)
So, we have the choice of Epiphany (and part of Matthew’s ‘Christmas story’) or the Baptism of Jesus.

An Offertory Dedication for Epiphany:
Holy, generous Source of life,
the wise men opened their treasures,
and offered gifts to the Christ child.
We, too, bring our gifts:
our work, interests, and talents,
our energy, time, and passion;
our very selves
and symbols of our daily living.
By the stirring of your Breath of life
may these gifts be used wisely for your glory
and the sake of your Word of life. AMEN   More…

And for the Baptism of Jesus:
Gracious and eternal God,
your voice comes to us
in the storms and wilderness of daily living;
in whispers,
in the rustling leaves,
in the sound of the rain
soaking the dry land,
in the cry of a new-born child.
Speak you word of truth to us, O God,
that we may hear it deep within us.
Forgive us, O God, for what is past,
and call us again to new life.

The good news in Jesus Christ
is that we may celebrate the year that is past
and enter the new year without guilt.
A new day is ours
and we may claim it with hope and courage.
Amen. Thanks be to God.