Sunday 3rd June (Trinity 40B)

Nocturnal Nicodemus came
to Jesus,
to the teacher from God.
Seeking clarification, an affirmation, the light?
What was on his mind?
Couldn’t it have waited
until morning?
“Rabbi, we know…”
“Very truly, I tell you…”
Nonplussed Nicodemus looking
but not seeing?
born of the Spirit
blowing where it will,
“How can these things be?”
The teacher from God explained,
but Nicodemus seems to have been lost
to the night.

Perhaps, like so much else,
it all became clearer
in the cold light of day:
Nicodemus later reappeared
to speak for the law
and the teacher from God;
and again
with an Arimathean
to give decent repose
to the body
of the teacher from God.
        © Jeff Shrowder, 2012.
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