Sunday 16th February – Epiphany 6A

MATTHEW 5:21-37
“Since the time of our ancestors …”
the Teacher said,
certain behaviours have brought judgement.
“But I say to you …”

Life’s not just about observing
an ancient framework of justice
simply because it exists.
Loving God and loving
your neighbour as yourself
aren’t just about avoiding judgement.

Those ancient precepts
are honoured more in the breach
than in the observance
when we use, abuse, deprecate, disparage.
That is death.

Live that ancient word deeply within,
in thought, word, action and intent:
doing justly
loving mercy,
and walking humbly with your God.

Act to set things right,
and being reconciled;
preserving dignity and safety
for one another,
for all.
That is life.
         © Jeff Shrowder, 2014.
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