Sunday 15th February – Transfiguration B

God of the ages,
has, from the beginning,
been about the work of creating
and relating to that that creation
by way of community.

Through covenant relationships
God has shown faithfulness, mercy and care.
By the breath of the Spirit of grace,
faithful life in community is nourished and sustained,
in the midst of joy and pain and tragedy…

Some such places
have become thin places:
places of energy,
places where the veil between this world and the eternal is thin,
places where one experiences
the mysterious presence
of the divine.
Thin places not only transcend the senses,
but transcend the boundaries of time and space.

Thin places are about connection –
with God,
the faithful who have gone before us
and who will come
when we are gone.

As followers of Jesus,
we gather for worship,
giving thanks
for the presence and challenge of God
in this place;
for the stories we share, and our life together.

We gather,
thankful for the faithful
who have gone before us in this place,
hopeful for those who follow,

We gather,
listening for the voice of the Spirit
heard in Jesus …

In following him
we hasten with faint, but eager steps,
faint because we are challenged, even daunted,
by what we commit to daily,
eager because of the assurance
that we are not alone.

And we give thanks. Amen

         © Jeff Shrowder, 2015.
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