It Takes Time

This article is from Issue 6 of “On The Move,” a publication of new learning possibilities for churches, at one time published by The Joint Board of Christian Education of Australia and New Zealand.
Although some ideas and liturgies may appear somewhat “dated” in style, concept, imagery or language, they may nevertheless offer a spring-board for new ideas among people who find themselves leading worship, perhaps in a new context, and with some trepidation.
Reproduced by permission. May be reprinted for use in local congregations only.


A Christmas reading for three voices

1. It’s hard to find Christ at Christmas.
2. There’s so much frantic bustle… searching for presents…. parties… specia1 outings…. Christmas baking …
Christmas cards. . .
Christmas presents…
3. Everybody hurries … bustles. . . is too busy.
2. Everybody rushing, rushing … filling in the frantic minutes.
1. It’s hard to find Christ at Christmas …
3. The crowds are enormous.. the buses jammed … the trains are hot and full and sticky … the shops are full of glitter and trimmings. . . the loud speakers blare out their Christmas carols …
1. But it is hard to find Christ Christmas …
2. the streets are fullof baubles and stars … the walls are plastered with snow scenes — flashy
streamers … coloured lights.
3. Father Christmas nods and blinks
2. Lights flash on … lights flash off
1. Yes, it is hard to find Christ at Christmas.
3. For Christ has been buried by Christmas.
How can we find him? How can we find anew the meaning of Christmas? How can we strip aside the useless junk of the commercial world?

Reader: Matthew 2:1-10

1. Where is the child born to be king of the Jews? Search for this child with utmost care.
2. Herod sent searchers at Christmas time. The shepherds went searching for the Christmas child.
3. A party of astrologers searching, searching, searching. Where is the child born to be king of the Jews?
1. Wise men, they called them… earnest astrologers… watching for the meaning of the moving stars.
2. Science or fancy… learned or laughable… theirs was a vision that was brought to pass.
All: Sing, you wise men. ‘Dance, all you scientists… Whether your theories are false or true…
3. God uses knowledge… God uses ignorance…
1. God on his birthday has need of you.
2. God on his birthday hasneed of you.
All: God on his birthday has need of you.
1. It’s hard to find Christ at Christmas… It takes time
All: Time away from the bustle and the noise… Time away from the carols and the horns … Time away from the busy preparations…
2. Time to seek Jesus…
3. Time to seek his Spirit
All: Time to find the meaning of Christmas.

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