Sunday 6th November (65A)

Last week we read about the entry of the Israelites into the land promised to Abraham so many generations before. In today’s (second and final) reading from the Book of Joshua, the broad history of the people is recounted before the people by Joshua; from Abraham’s departure from Ur to their occupation of the land on which they stood. But it is recounted with a challenge: choose between the God of Abraham, who had brought them to this land and the gods of their ancestors and which some still worshipped.

PRAYER OF INVOCATION (from Psalm 78:1-7)
Lord God,
you call us to listen to your teaching,
to prick up our ears to your word;
for your story is of old,
yours are parables of things past; 
the stuff of our tradition; 
what we have heard and known about, 
what we have learnt from our ancestors. 
These are stories of your activity in our history,
stories not to be hidden from our children or our grandchildren 
that they too might put their hope in you, 
remember your deeds, 
and keep your commandments. 
We gather in your presence,
to hear your story, 
and praise you for your wonderful works. Amen      More…