Sunday 22nd April (Easter 3B)

Ever had a dream where things were confusing, scary, weird; but somehow you know it’s a dream? You want to open your eyes but in the dream your eyes are already open. How do you open your eyes when it feels like they’re already open?

The disciples’ world had descended into total confusion: crucifixion, betrayal, denial, burial, horror, an empty tomb, fear for their own lives – then two friends arrive hot-foot but heart-warmed, from Emmaus, with the news of their risen Lord. None of what had happened made sense… Amid their confusion Jesus stood among them: ‘Peace be with you’. Not, ‘Where were you when I needed you?’ but, ‘Peace be with you’, a very normal greeting; the gift of normality in an abnormal situation. And Jesus shows them his hands and feet; the reality of his suffering and death.
Amid their disbelieving and doubt (‘still wondering’) Jesus asks, “Have you anything to eat?”

The reality of the risen Christ is more than broiled fish. It is peace but not as the world gives.

Breathe, O risen One,
peace on our disbelieving,
doubt and wondering.
        © Jeff Shrowder, 2012.
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