Sunday 30th September (26B)

Esther – a woman of action;
a role-model for the ordinary
to be extra-ordinary;
a role-model who took direct action.
The rabbis have considered her a prophet,
who neither spoke a word with God
nor from God,
but who risked her life
to save her people.

Caroline Chisholm
William Wilberforce
Oscar Romero
Mother Theresa…
spoke out
against the wrongs in their societies;
took action
to redress those wrongs;
to offer the world a glimpse
of the realm of God:
a community
of mutual relationship;
a community in which
trust, obligation, morality, common good, tradition, goodwill,
co-operation, religious values, neighbourliness
and more
are valued as basic to the good health,
the wholeness,
of that community.

This alternative vision
is the realm we are called to live:
to stand with those whose lives are hurt by the prevailing systems,
to identify
not with the powerful
but the vulnerable.
This is our risky journey
of discipleship.
(Adapted from a sermon from some years ago, which may have drawn on material from other, long-forgotten, sources.)
        © Jeff Shrowder, 2012.
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