Sunday 27th January – Epiphany 3C

A word from the Divine,
not fixed
but to be reinterpreted for our time.
Moses did it.
Isaiah did it
Jesus did it.
It’s imperative that we do it.
In each new context;
social, economic, political, religious,
there will be amazement, delight,
anger, reproach,
receptive ears and denying.

Jesus’ emphasised ‘today’,
not ‘tomorrow’ or ‘one day’
To reinterpret
and to live that reinterpretation
is to fulfil it
it remains unfulfilled.

Today, this day,
we live
with the reassuring love
of the mystery we name God
yet which continues to break in afresh
on our lives,
inviting us to risk a journey
in the freedom of the divine
whose creative word brings order out of chaos;
whose incarnate, risen word often brings chaos
to the order we would make for ourselves;
whose adventurous free-moving Spirit
and abundant, free-flowing grace,
gives us the audacity
to live joyfully in holy chaos,
and the freedom to be vulnerable,
for the sake of Jesus.
         Jeff Shrowder, 2013.
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