Sunday 11th August – Sunday 19C

As we read it, the continuity between last week’s gospel reading and this week’s is lost. I’ve tried to reconnect them in this reflection.

LUKE 12:32-40
It has been said that
life is what happens
while you’re making other plans.
So also with death,
as the rich fool discovered.

The Teacher’s parable
is a call:
rely less on “stuff”.
It becomes an invitation –
live in the day and its wonders;
anticipate the kingdom
God is intent on giving
those living
the way of the Teacher;
alert to the signs
of a realm
unexpectedly present …
while you’re making other plans.
        © Jeff Shrowder, 2013.

Discussion at our Wednesday evening Home Group of the Isaiah reading set for next Sunday led to the following haiku. (Our nation goes to the polls in a few weeks and both major political groups espouse reprehensible, morally bankrupt policies in regard to asylum seekers arriving by boat.)

Holy God, we pray
for the plight of refugees
seeking safety here.
        © Jeff Shrowder, 2013.

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