Sunday 8th September – 23C

JEREMIAH 18:1-12
The potter shaped clay
as God sought to shape Israel:
but they said, “No use!”

The potter’s wheel
turning, turning, turning;
centred clay shaped
by the potter’s hand
and water
in small degree:
shaping, shaping, shaping,
creating a new thing
of use
and beauty.

In a moment
the clay resists
spoiling, spoiling, spoiling,
the effort
of the potter’s hand.
Yet just as sudden
work begins again,
building, building, building,
to reshape
and bring to worth a creation
altogether new.

Intention, love,
free will, creativity:

The prophet saw love
amid his nation’s bleak future:
intending yet reticent evil
sitting with yearning and hope
for a fruitful, faithful people.
        © Jeff Shrowder, 2013.
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