Sunday 2nd February – Epiphany 4A

MATTHEW 5:1-12 (a paraphrase, which wasn’t where I thought I was headed when I started out.)
The crowd had come to hear the Teacher speak
and preach, to heal and share the signs of God:
a realm so close, with justice, blessing, hope;
embracing love, fresh courage to the weak.
The poor in spirit, those whose faith is drained,
this realm of heav’n is theirs the Teacher said,
and bless’d are those who mourn, whose grief is raw,
for here’s the place their comfort will be gained;
The meek at last shall be the first; and those
who yearn and ache for right will have their fill;
here mercy comes to those who mercy show.
The pure in heart come close to God with those
who peaceful efforts make; and those who still
are wronged for Jesus’ sake shall blessing know.
         © Jeff Shrowder, 2014.
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