Sunday 29 March – Palm Sunday – Year B

As followers of Jesus
we come together in the spirit of prayer.
We come seeking to be aware of the holy
that is present here …
and by which we are gathered …

We come, conscious that there have been times
when our words and deeds
have created a gap between us and a sense of the holy …
between us and one another …

We gather,
aware that our mainstream living
can mean we are deaf
to the fullness of Jesus’ words,
words of grace
that carry the invitation
to follow in his footsteps… daily…

Following Jesus in this Lenten journey
we remember Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem,
riding on a donkey …
but we are also confronted
in our remembering Jesus’ betrayal, trial and crucifixion.

Each week of this journey
the reality of the cross has become more confronting.

With Jesus’ disciples we say
we are able to drink the cup that he drinks,
and be baptised with the baptism
with which he is baptised.
But perhaps, like the disciples,
we follow not fully comprehending
what we are assenting to …

In our following
we seek to be open to the Spirit …
wanting to tune our inmost being
to the voice of that Spirit of God heard in Jesus,
to discern the signs of mercy and love
which are present on the breath of the Spirit …

May our dryness be quenched …
our emptiness filled …
our yearnings calmed …

May our living be more fruitful …
as, guided by the Spirit of grace,
we follow in the way of Jesus … Amen

         © Jeff Shrowder, 2015.
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