07 June 2020 – Trinity Sunday A (COCU 40A)

We see three plastics
shiny, shapely, shatter-proof
together, one phone.

We experience
Father, Son, Holy Spirit
together, one God.
        Jeff Shrowder, 2020
TRINITY (From an unremembered/undocumented source of long ago and far away, presented here in haiku form…)
It’s an old story:
the bishop’s ship approaches
a remote island.

Walking on the shore
he met three men mending nets:
‘We are Christians, too.’

Yet they did not know
how to pray The Lord’s Prayer,
shocking the bishop.

How the do you pray?
‘We are three and you are three,
have mercy on us.’

With care he taught them.
Months passed and his ship approached
that island again.

Three men in the dusk
walked with lights, on the water,
approaching the ship.

Bishop, we heard your ship;
we forget your lovely words,
please teach us again.

Go, and pray simply,
‘We are three and you are three,
have mercy on us.’

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