Sunday 14th July – 15C

LUKE 10:25-37
Who is my neighbour:
one from whom I can expect
good cheer, help and peace?

The lawyer wants to define
the boundaries of love’s operation
but the Teacher keeps to the point
of doing the right deed
without condition:
the neighbour is the one
who shows mercy.

To whom can I be a good neighbour
as I travel life’s hazardous road?
Can I be a person of grace,
that unmeasured generosity of God
which, like sun and rain,
fall on good and bad alike?
And who will I allow
to be neighbour to me:
one of ‘my own’
or the suspect stranger?
For the challenge is not
simply to follow
the scandalous, Godly grace
of the Samaritan
but to recognise him/her
when they come to my aid.
        © Jeff Shrowder, 2013.
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