Sunday 22 February – Lent 1B

On this first Sunday in Lent
we gather,
seeking the intimate presence of the Holy One
whose rainbow promise we see in the sky
and in oil-slicked puddles on the road.

We yearn to have the Breath of grace
open our eyes to the signs of the promises,
open our ears to the murmurs of the faithfulness,
and open our mouths to sing the praise
and speak the love,
of the Source of grace.

In this Lenten journey,
knowing that we hang onto the things
we would be better leaving behind;
and being scared to let go of our comforts … our riches,
the things that make life easy for us;
we yearn to have the Breath of grace
enable us, like Noah,
to leave behind the things that hold us back
from setting out on the voyage to which we are called
as followers of Jesus, Word of grace;
to pick up and carry with us
the things that refresh our lives;
hope, love, renewal … Amen.
         © Jeff Shrowder, 2015.
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